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My name is Josh Voyles. I'm a Professional West-Texas based Photographer, Educator, and Adventurer. I love to create landscapes and shoot travel, nature, and portrait photography, Most of all, I look to tell stories through my work.

My background is diverse. I grew up around multimedia. I worked as a graphic designer for a media firm in my hometown for a short time and as a freelance designer. I spent four years as a media director, (mostly in a church/ministry context), and now I am a high school Photography, AV, and Digital Media instructor.

I love to tell stories. Religion, culture, and philosophy are a strong influence on my work. With a biblical-studies background, I approach my art as an outlet to be creative while bringing people together. I believe that even though cultures and languages can highlight our differences, the story, desire, and emotion behind every human face is usually the same. We all desire to be loved, seek the truth, and hope for justice.


A photograph can transcend the differences and open our hearts to each other and to accepting the truths we never knew, so join me in seeing the beauty in all things...

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