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Welcome to MY NEW BLOG!

What can I say...

I love it all... Every aspect of the photography industry. As a photographer and a photography instructor, I value the educational side of photography just as much as the technical, aesthetic, and business aspects of THE CRAFT.


LOL. Anyway, look out for great content on how to take better photographs, thinking visually, and lots of other fun stuff about foto-grafy. THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN.

I could copy and paste a whole semester syllabus in here but I'll spare you the expense and just list out a few ideas for this blog:

1. Inspiration

2. Gear News/Reviews

3. Behind the Scenes

4. Design Basics

5. Case studies on our favorite photographers

6. Tips & Tricks

7. On and on and on....

If you have any ideas or wish to contribute feel free to interact through the comments or any other way to tell me what you'd like to see covered! To comment and follow, join my blog's community! You can join by email or log in with your Facebook!

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